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Till Death Do Us Part

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Pick Up Dusseldorf Germany Dr. Martens
Pick Up Dusseldorf Germany Dr. Martens

Embracing Chaos since 1978

It all started more than 40 years ago: in 1970 Henry Hoppe started the BBC on Ratinger Straße. It is the time of Beuys, Warhol and Hendrix. Extroverted artists and musicians cavort on the streets of Düsseldorf.   

Since then, the BBC and the nine shops owned by founder Henry Hoppe have been an integral part of Düsseldorf's subculture: when the German punk movement emerged on Ratinger Straße years after it was founded, the BBC was right in the middle - and delivered with striped jeans and Dr. Martens the right clothes. 

ratinger hof | Ratingen Straße | BBC | PICK UP
ratinger hof | Ratingen Straße | BBC | PICK UP

Sure, a lot has changed since then: Henry is now retired. Martens don't just buy punks anymore. And instead of extroverted musicians and artists, large fashion chains shape the Düsseldorf cityscape today. But we are still there. Just like our customers: The punks from back then come today with their children and grandchildren. Because we have always remained loyal to punk over the years, but whether punk or just looking for good shoes and good advice - everyone is welcome with us.

And for a long time now we no longer just have studded belts, Harrington jackets, patches, band shirts and Doc's, we also have a large selection of blundstones for young and old and our BBC creepers on offer. And since we no longer have 1970: we now also have shoes online. We are also happy to advise on Facebook and Instagram. Try it out!


You can find more photos and a very nice article about us at THE VILLAGE

Photo credits: Kristina Fendesack © ️ THE DORF

blundstone dr. martens bbc ratinger Straße