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Black Sabbath X Dr. Martens

Black Sabbath wrote music history without being asked - the guys from Bimringham are considered to be co-founders of heavy metal, doom metal and hard rock.To this day they are inspiration and icons for metal and rock bands and influence their style, the way in which instruments are played and of course the associated rock star attitude.

Dr. Martens Black Sabbath Limited Edition, which was launched this year, combines the cult around the band and the shoes from England, which each shape generations.In keeping with the 50th anniversary of Black Sabbath, there is a classic 8-hole lace-up shoe that is printed all over with the cover of the debut album.That album cover, which was designed by the artist Keith Macmillan and already went down in history with the depiction of a witch-like figure in an abandoned autumn garden - the trendy, happy 60s were officially replaced by the sometimes mystical to dark 70s.The limited edition 3-hole lace-up shoe, which was also released, carries Macmillan's art for the Paranoid album cover, which is considered one of the most successful albums of 1970.

But back to the beginning:


The band's founding name 'Earth' was changed to Black Sabbath.On the one hand because there was already another band called Earth, on the other hand because they were avid horror film fans and the English title of the 1963 classic 'The Three Faces of Fear' was 'Black Sabbath'.Black Sabbath caught the zeitgeist, after all, scary horror films became increasingly popular.It is said that the cinema, which was opposite her rehearsal room, gave her the idea of ​​making music that would make the audience as scared inside as in front of the screen.

So Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Bill Ward began to change their style of music from blues and jazz elements to what we know today as metal thanks to them.

In just twelve hours they recorded their debut album of the same name, on which they realized their ideas of dark, melancholy, angry music.The success proved them right: it reached the top 10 in England and stayed on the charts in America for more than a year. So the guys who had been making music together since their school days became rock stars almost overnight!

The second album, 'Paranoid', was originally supposed to be called 'War Pigs', but the record company rejected the title for fear that the provocation would cause trouble.The Vietnam War and the accompanying anti-war movement and displeasure in society as a parallel were too obvious. Now it was named after the song of all things, which was hurriedly recorded at the very end of the album session to fill the album - and became the band's biggest hit.

Paranoid has been sold 4 million times in the US alone.

The musicians have stayed true to their pace, the second album was released just six months after the first.From then on, their success could not be stopped, they played several concerts, released new albums as if on an assembly line - and took the bill for their rapid lifestyle.

Ozzy left the band in 1977, severely affected by excessive drug and alcohol consumption. A few months later he comes back, but the work on the album is not easy to implement in his condition, this time he is fired. Bill Ward later said that the day Ozzy left was the day the band imploded.

In the following years there were many changes and rifts within the band and loyal fans agree that Black Sabbath is only really Black Sabbath with Ozzy and the first albums are the best to this day. In 1996 Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne founded the Ozzfest, an annual festival at which well-known rock, alternative and metal bands perform - each time either Ozzy solo or together with Black Sabbath.

So you can say that Black Sabbath got together again and again in the 90s and early 2000s with the original line-up, but a final reunification did not take place.Meanwhile, Ozzy got his own reality soap in 2002, in which his family was accompanied in their everyday life - you could experience the controversial rock star up close, as well as the fights with his inner demons. Various illnesses of the individual band members made planned tours or delayed releases difficult again and again, but in 2013 their live album 'Black Sabbath Live ... Gathered in Their Masses' was released, which was so commercially successful that they extended their tour.

The last concert actually played Black Sabbath 2017 in their hometown Birmingham. They will never lose their cult status - or to put it in their own words: Never Say Die!



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