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Till Death Do Us Part

Our Creeps & Ranger Made in Portugal

In our program since the end of the 70's!

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Without shipping costs from 50 €. Throughout Germany.

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Perfect for the little ones.

Some heel. Narrow last.

Good employee.

No shipping costs from 50 €. Throughout Germany.

From the far north. Made from 100% virgin wool.

No words needed.

Necklace. 21st Century.

The universal accessory

No shipping costs from 50 €. Throughout Germany.

Corona - location for pick-up, Düsseldorf-Altstadt

Dear people,


first of all we would like to get rid of that, we hope that you are doing well according to the circumstances.

These are not good times for all of us. 

I know that many of our dear friends and customers are currently facing bigger challenges than where to buy a pair of shoes.

We also want to avoid becoming part of the spread of the virus.

Therefore we will leave the pick-up from tomorrow, March 18.03.2020th, XNUMX.

As soon as an end is in sight, we will inform you about it here and via our social media channels.

We believe this is the best we can do to hopefully avoid worse.

Nevertheless, we are happy to give you the opportunity to rummage and get hold of, at least here.

Especially the retail sector, which is run by private individuals with a lot of passion, needs support in such times. This applies to us and others - maybe consider where you can order online during the quarantine period.

For questions / advice, we are always at to reach. Or Instagram. Or Facebook.



Stay positive!


Cheer up and rock'n'roll!

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